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Reviews for "Was That Really Necessary"

I liked it, though i sounded terrible, bad microphone + semi sore throat = not a good mix, great work considering it was made in one day, i know if i tried to make one it wouldnt even be 10 seconds long. All I know how to do is frame by frame.

ImmaDrawOnYourFace responds:

Thanks for your opinion.

not bad

the animation needs work or maybe the lack of joint function is your style, way to much zoom on the paper he read and I didn't even understand what "joke" might be going on, you moved over the paper to fast to read the whole thing.

ImmaDrawOnYourFace responds:

I just wanted to get the thing done, so the lack of joint funtion is not my style. I generally do frame by frame, but I wanted to do cutout style to be speedy. The joke wasn't really that funny (don't tell my writer) but it was supposed to be about a person who didn't know he had a double class and in his five minute break, he walked to the doorway and back into the exact same position, and his friend was like "was that really necessary?" I assume it was much funnier for it to happen irl like my writer. Anyways, thanks for the honest critisizm :/

Robotic movements, bad drawings, bad joke and the audio was shit.

Animation? Horrid. Voice Acting? Horrid. Comedic-Value? Horrid.

ImmaDrawOnYourFace responds:

Your page: Art? none. Movies? none. Games? none.

I animated it in a day, m8. What's your excuse?