Reviews for "Escape Noah High School"

it was pretty good, and the mini games were pretty amusing

Hahahahaha, this is so bad, it's good! Like "The Room". I chuckled at his scheme to distract Mr. Lopez. And the fact that you didn't bother to check for typos/spelling errors. And that the characters have such detailed knowledge of which object will magically appear in which room, and when.

The broom game was pretty hard; borderline-irritating, but still fun. Perhaps "Nintendo-hard".

Completely ripped off riddle school haha. I'm a fan of the animation style though.

Not terrible, some notable glitches though when I attempted to leave without the key, it gave me the win medal, then when I had the key and attempted to return to the front door in front of all the 4 classrooms when I hit east it would bring me to the red room. Other then that I actually really enjoyed the game, the side games were a nice change of pace even though that's where I probably spent most of my time, and in the end Im glad I played it.

thetoolbox responds:

Wow! Thank you. That means a lot.

Great instructions it's like Pico's School but you don't kill the murderer in this game you just escape school.

Good game though.