Reviews for "Escape Noah High School"

Bad stuff:
Annoying music ( but you can turn it off so yeh )
was this drawn in ms paint ?
What the hell is going on

Good stuff:
Weirdly amusing

I give it a 1.5

It was alright, the inclusion of music was a nice touch, I'm not sure you needed to explain so much thought like now I have the poison so all I need to do is get a cookie but I need a dollar first to buy it, figuring these things out is part of the gameplay no? Also I thought the copy pasted pictures in the bathroom and what not were funny. keep it up

this needs so much work, its like you didn't even try,

pretty bad, the graphics r as bad as possible. when u need 2 get the answer key there wasn't even a way of knowing there was a maze game there so u go over the red square and just screw up instantly. I think that the author was even self aware of how bad this is but if u really want 2 make great games then keep working at it. the best games made can take a long time 2 create so don't throw things 2gether at a rush.

it was pretty good, and the mini games were pretty amusing