Reviews for "Escape Noah High School"

Terrible, easy, simple, and the art style was made in paint. The only reason to play this is the get the EXTREMELY EASY 100 point medal.

Completely ripped off riddle school haha. I'm a fan of the animation style though.

Hahahahaha, this is so bad, it's good! Like "The Room". I chuckled at his scheme to distract Mr. Lopez. And the fact that you didn't bother to check for typos/spelling errors. And that the characters have such detailed knowledge of which object will magically appear in which room, and when.

The broom game was pretty hard; borderline-irritating, but still fun. Perhaps "Nintendo-hard".

This is an okay game but getting the test answers is just plain annoying.

It works (no bugs) but its one of the worse ones.