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Reviews for "Climb Jon Hamm's Dick!"

Lagged too much to the xtent that I keep falling when it unlaggs

level design, shit/10
mechanics, 2/10
interactions, frustrating/10
concept, 10/10
length, Jon Hamm/10
overall feeling and feedback, it shouldn't feel like a chore or torture to play through your game, turn down or let me mute the music, make it so I'm not hoping to catch on 3 pixels just to be able to progress and make wall jumping not feel like a detriment to me being able to survive.

Honestly did not take the time to finish the... .. uh just because.. .. uh.. not really interested what i would be seeing on top. :|

Thou, seriously everything else was good. Joke, conecept and controls were good. Graphics was also spot on in terms of old-school games. Terms of music it does match the humour of the game for my taste. Hopefully, we can see BOOBS!! Next time. :D Climb the BOOBS!!

ItsTheAshtray responds:

Thanks man. Nah, bro. Boobs are gay.

I came in and expected this to be total garbage based on the name and concept and was pleasantly surprised. Controls could use some fine tuning but otherwise very fun and difficult.

What are we, the size of a flea on this?