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Reviews for "Ladies Knight"

This was superb. Fluid, colourful and vibrant aimation, great voice acting and musical numbers that were well written and performed, a simple story told in an elegant way with one or two funny twists, great humour and comic timing.

This was a joy to watch, and I found myself smiling the whole way through. The only way to improve it is to make more of them. The Misadventures of Sir Knightly would make a great series.

Fully deserves the 5s.

Holy @#$%, why isn't this on Cartoon Network?! (Or possibly the Disney Channel.) This is the spiritual successor to every Tex Avery cartoon ever! (Or a classic Mickey Mouse short.) It's so cartoonishly bouncy and fluid and funny and snappy and sappy and sweet and combines all the typical 'toon clichés and tropes in the best way possible like a multi-fruit smoothie.

The acting's great, the animation's terrific, the characters are archetypal but funny and endearing -- yes, even bully-jerk dragon. At first, I thought that horse dance number went on waaay too long, but in the end, it wound up being the best kind of foreshadowing ever. (And another typical chased-after-girl-dumps-both-romatic-rivals cliché, but again, a rare justified-besides-for-the-LOLz one -- though, there were PLENTY of LOLz -- which just makes it all the more amazing.)

I hope you're pitching stuff to networks by now because, believe me, this is better than even 75% of the stuff on TV right now. For serious.

Mega-congrats and good luck on all your future projects!

When I pressed play I never thought I would not be able to stop watching for 9 minutes straight.

My biggest regret is that I accidently hit "2" under voting! I didn't mean it! This deserves a 5! It seriously is one of the best cartoons I've ever seen! Every single bit of animation is completely and fantastically fluid. I had no idea what was going to happen in the end.

The voices were absolutely flawless. I just loved everything about this. One of the voice actors sounds like Patrick Warburton. I guess I'm just used to hearing his voice. I don't see why this isn't the highest rated cartoon on the whole website! It's flawless!

I loved it was so funny, well animated, and I loved the songs. Fantastic! Thank You and good job!