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Reviews for "Ladies Knight"

Simply one of the best animations I have seen on newgrounds in relation to length of time! Although I have a strong suspicion this can be parodied muchly.

After the Dragon song i instantly scored 5 then i checked to see how long was the video and i screamed with surprise and joy! 9 MINUTES.

Well damn.

I smiled throughout the entire thing. I can't honestly point out anything wrong.

At first the concept alone automatically gives you certain assumptions. It was actually pleasently refreshing and suprising. I like the character designs. These are not just talking heads, you effectively used body language the netire time. There is a lot of movement. I usually observe those things more than the actual story. I can tell by the the dynamic angles and movements only that it was thought out well. Everything is there. Not even mentioning the duration of the film. Must have taken you ages.

Well performed all together.

This was excellent.

Would pay to see a full length Broadway production.