Reviews for "Crash Town 2"

Good game, Drunk Mode is The Best

Great game - tricky - but got there. Often the solution is less rather than more - I was struggling with one level - then when I came back to it, discovered a single hump was all I needed (sorry, can't remember which level). Most of the higher levels can be completed with very few traffic signs. Seems to be a fair degree of randomness: often the same combination will lead to different results... (i.e. I wasn't able to reproduce the single hump victory on the level I thought I did it on - and the randomness is really noticeable when crashing cars - it is rare to produce the same crash pattern with the same combination).

Crashing cars is far too easy - many of the levels you can just click play - and usually you'll end up with everybody dead or stuck - are the drivers trying to kill themselves!?! Injured?? But I can see the bodies!! Brutal. Lol - "Doing it Wrong" brought a smile.

Ghost preview was an excellent idea and very well implemented. Just need a little indicator (after you click play) to show cars crashing off the map, that way the player can know which road is the problem!

Many of the more difficult levels I completed with (mostly) humps - everyone slows down for these! (OMG - is that why my council insists on putting humps everywhere?!?) With this strategy, drunk drivers were a pain - hitting banked up traffic off-screen (hear the crash, no idea where) - once I worked out which roads they were on, I could clear the way for them!

Very nice game got all 3 starts and the drunkmode.Just go home you are to drunk to drive front of anything

Nice game. I loved it

This game is pretty fun. I played it on another site, but I lost my progress when I came here, because it's a different site. Time to replay the whole game.