Reviews for "Crash Town 2"

Love it!

Get the fucking menu items out of the way when I'm editing and.. when I'm not editing. They get in the way. Other than that, good game.

Smart, cool and intuitive. That's some good game right there.

This turned out to be enjoyable than I thought it would be. Once again, I was bad at it at first. I don't even know how to play this game that well. I did manage to learn something the more I played it. It still wasn't great, though. It was kind of fun to see the destruction.

I'd call myself morbid, but most people on the Internet are like that. The music was quite nice. It was just fun to work your way around it. I did learn from my mistakes, even if I'm not even sure quite WHY. I'm a safe driver, but not much for putting up traffic signs.

Very realistic simulation. Cars drive just like they do in my city.

Fun game have now reached lvl 35!