Reviews for "Crash Town 2"

great game, lotsa fun and hard but worthful achievement.
I tried checking the walkthrough for lvl 44 3 stars... but it seems too hard to manage, in the end I managed to pass it 3 star with a couple of teleporters, barely made it.

Great game - tricky - but got there. Often the solution is less rather than more - I was struggling with one level - then when I came back to it, discovered a single hump was all I needed (sorry, can't remember which level). Most of the higher levels can be completed with very few traffic signs. Seems to be a fair degree of randomness: often the same combination will lead to different results... (i.e. I wasn't able to reproduce the single hump victory on the level I thought I did it on - and the randomness is really noticeable when crashing cars - it is rare to produce the same crash pattern with the same combination).

Crashing cars is far too easy - many of the levels you can just click play - and usually you'll end up with everybody dead or stuck - are the drivers trying to kill themselves!?! Injured?? But I can see the bodies!! Brutal. Lol - "Doing it Wrong" brought a smile.

Ghost preview was an excellent idea and very well implemented. Just need a little indicator (after you click play) to show cars crashing off the map, that way the player can know which road is the problem!

Many of the more difficult levels I completed with (mostly) humps - everyone slows down for these! (OMG - is that why my council insists on putting humps everywhere?!?) With this strategy, drunk drivers were a pain - hitting banked up traffic off-screen (hear the crash, no idea where) - once I worked out which roads they were on, I could clear the way for them!

It was a really good improvement on the first game, but I had to fight with a certain annoying bug (at least I think it is one): sometimes cars would crash offscreen even though they drove there with time differences of up to 10 seconds and definitely didnt touch each other before leaving the screen. I think it was mostly the fault of the drunk drivers, I tried scrolling there thinking it might still be part of the map, but it was clearly outside of it. Even though this sometimes really spoiled the fun I just had to try out a bit more to find a solution, so it was still a very fun game.

It's a lot better than the first game.The main difference is that there's a ghost view before you even press play. It's a very helpful addition. The cars acting differently to different signs, drunk drivers/emergencies is why the game is easier to plan rather than randomly placing road signs and hoping for the best, you can place signs that actually affect different drivers.

You should create a full video walkthrough, but if there's one already, you could just link to that one. There are some really difficult levels and now I'm stuck on 41.

Good game, Drunk Mode is The Best