Reviews for "OverSexEd demo SFW"

After 20th day I've all stats better than I need, i've all items...
It is a demo so I can't continue it like this longer.

It's fun, but there is no hasard.

Tenebrys responds:

I will add more content in the next releases, it will be better :)

i'm not really sure what the point of the game is. you're not really working with any goal in mind, just to raise stats. there should be interactions with other characters, making it a dating sim or something, along with the raising of the stats. you need to give people some kind of goal, along with NOT doing the same thing constantly. people get bored easily

Tenebrys responds:

This is a just demo...
You are describing my plans for the next releases :D

It was kind of fun, but I definitely wish the story was more developed.

Tenebrys responds:

Thank you!
I plan to add routes with a lot of endings. I want the game to have a great replayabality :)

In the sports lesson category, under the random encounter where you can encourage the student, your line about "your encouragement bears fruit" appears as small 10ish point text in a different format than all the other text at the bottom. You can still click it but the click box is smaller.

Otherwise overall this is a little dry, but most sim's can be, but was fun overall. I think the final version will definitely be a 5 star game.
I agree that you should gain a little mood from sleeping, maybe +5. Your call though.
Keep up the good work!

Final note, even though you have us pick "What our character looks like" that doesnt seem to have any effect on the game. I'd say either cut that or make it change the sleep sequence where we see the character.

Tenebrys responds:

Thank you !
>>"I agree that you should gain a little mood from sleeping, maybe +5. "
I don't know because it is the students' general mood, not your's. Some of them may have a good night and gain mood but some other may have a bad night and loose mood...

The sleep event is already different depending your gender :D
I'm going to add a lot more events affected by the gender in the next releases

this isn't the best game but it is still fun i can't wait till the full game comes out

Tenebrys responds:

Thank you :D
If you are not patient, you should follow the game development on my Patreon page :)