Reviews for "OverSexEd demo SFW"

Looks ok so far.
A little detail that you maybe want to change is that someone who selected male as his gender also gets pictures of a female teacher during the lessons. It's nothing big, but it's something that threw me off a bit. Aside from that, I think this demo gives a good first impression even though it's limited in what the player can do.
I'm looking forward to the better version.

Tenebrys responds:

thank you!
you are right I will change those images for better ones, depending which gender you have chosen

try to make the syste, easier, like in previous games

Tenebrys responds:

I think you are the first one to ask for an easier game ! Everybody is asking for something more complex and challenging ^^

The game got boring and pretty easy fast. Once you figured out the correct response to each situation that came up it wasn't hard. The difference dreams were neat, but also got old and the test at the end of every 10 days made it interesting until I got so far ahead that I could have slept the last 20 days and still got the top students. The game could do with more things to buy, a more in depth story, and just more different content that keeps it from getting so repetitive once you understand how to play less than 20 days in.

Tenebrys responds:

thank you!
There will be much more content in the next releases :)
+ the balance haven't been done. I think there will be less days in final release

im so confused xD

Tenebrys responds:

why ?

Not to sound like an outraged hormone-filled sixteen year old, but as an outraged hormone-filled sixteen year old, I have to say that the game's title is a bit of a bluff.

I noticed your Patreon page. It's nice that you're keeping your games free, because if you were charging money for them then you would be in a metric shit-ton of trouble. I managed to spot countless images from multiple anime. Hell, you even had that school stage from Persona 4 Arena in there.

I'm not exactly sure on how the law works, but I'm pretty damn sure that if you were charging for these games then your ass would be sued at some point.

Even if you never intend to have an artist to avoid copyright infringement, you should still consider getting one before the official release. This way, not only will you have the option of using this as a monetary benefit, but you'll also have an aura of professionalism within your game. If you are having trouble finding artists, there are some willing to help you on Newgrounds. Please consider getting in contact with them. For your sake.

Moving on...

The core gameplay is very "copy and paste." It plays just like how many other visual novel / hentai games play. But the factor that makes every game different in this genre is the story. In this demo there is none. Like, whatsoever. Seriously, man, I was close to falling asleep. Yet again, I recommend searching Newgrounds' forums for writers. (Hell, I'd do it for free! It's not like I have anything else to do!

And hey, I'm not sure if there's some sort of secret ending or special requirement to GET to the ending, but I've been playing up until Day 30. Now, something you may not know the answer to when you're making your own game is the very important question: "IS IT FUN?"
You may not know the answer to this question due to the fact that you're not actually playing it.

I can answer this for you: "No."

In games, especially this genre of games, you need diversity. People play these types of games to escape and have fun. Not to sit around and do the same exact fucking thing every single in-game day for five God-forsaken hours.

HOWEVER, I have a strong conviction that you didn't add anything special for two reasons: (1), It's an early(?) demo. And (2), You just wanted to give the players a taste of how the game works.

At the end of the day, disregarding that the title is a massive lie, I'd say there's hope for this project of yours. I only really gave you a 4 Star rating because I like you. You show honest potential. THAT, and because I assume this is your first time making a game.


Story's shit: Get writers (my offer's out there)

Lazy art: Get artist


Gave 4 Star: Good dev. Honest guy that just wants to make games where people fuck a lot.

P.S. There's no Sexual Education classes in this game. Yeah, I realize that's not the point, but still. The title for you game is really good at misinforming people.

Tenebrys responds:

:"HOWEVER, I have a strong conviction that you didn't add anything special for two reasons: (1), It's an early(?) demo. And (2), You just wanted to give the players a taste of how the game works."

yes! this is a demo, next releases will be NSFW (which means a lot of titties!!!)
I have asked for help a lot but artists and writers who works just for their name in credits are rarer than unicorns :/
If someone wants to help, please contact me :)