Reviews for "OverSexEd demo SFW"

I think the main reason I was curious about this game was because it had 'sex' in the name, yet was listed SFW. I wondered how the hell this would work, and... Ugh.

First off, the game is ugly. There is little if any aesthetic put into the menus, buttons, and graphics. I don't like that the entirety of the graphics are just ripped images, although I do think that games can do that and still be enjoyable. It's just that there isn't enough content that shows you're making the most out of existing artwork, rather the images become a crutch. The music loops are incredibly short, repetitive, and annoying.

Onto gameplay... Very repetitive, and I don't like that you have to go to the gym or lab to teach those subjects, it really isn't necessary. Having fewer required clicks for each action would have been nicer, especially if the buttons were in more predictable places and a bit more aesthetic than a long, narrow bar. What I really don't like is that you just keep all of the bars even, click options to make yourself a nice teacher, and then... That's it. The days advance, you can buy stuff, and occasionally you see new events, but nothing really advances the plot. The students don't come onto you, you can't come onto them. You can't seduce them, you can't get fired. You can't do anything except do the same thing until day 69 (which I didn't get to, even sleeping all day took too long in my opinion). The events are also too few (or maybe it's that the days are too many).

My suggestion is that you make your choices more transparent in what resources are balanced by what actions, cause multiple events to happen during each class session that you teach, and make the game shorter (tests every 5 days for 40 days - an eight week semester). With a system like that, you could keep the player more engaged in strategizing and rationing out resources, although it's lame that the teacher is expected to teach all students in all subjects... Lolwut?

this is the most boring h game ever ! makes my D!K soft . all you do is buy books and tech lessons . 60 days in nothing . i mean go watch the news or something if you got writers block . why the hell cant you molest the track team ?

Tenebrys responds:

you didn't see? it is not a H game yet! it is a demo Safe For Work
If you want to play the nasty version, have a look to http://www.patreon.com/tenebrys

Really cool game!
I'd like to see some more classes, different situations with the students, more things to buy, but other than that it's really good so far. Keep it up!

Tenebrys responds:

Thank you!
Yes, I'm adding more and more content in the next releases :)

this is a very good game, and i rather enjoyed the name of the school

Tenebrys responds:

thank you! I love the school name too, it's very funny :D

The happiness score is broken, I get no game over for being a teacher from hell. Also, perhaps you should divide respect from happiness score.

Low respect+high happiness = rape or anarchy
Low respect+low happiness = assault or revenge
High respect+high happiness = consent
High respect+low happiness = dictatorship and intimidation options.

Tenebrys responds:

It is not broken, it is not done yet :)
Very nice ideas! Thank you