Reviews for "OverSexEd demo SFW"

Pretty good alpha still waiting on the beta ^-^

In all honest the games not to bad, though asking to be paid to gain access to more content is a slander to the people who actual went through the effort to create the art you're using. Given how, I assume, you only generated the buttons there is not real reason for people to pledge more than $5. No offense intended, I encourage people do invest their time into whatever hobbies they desire but when you effectively plagiarise other people's work you're not helping a situation.

Anything as little as sending a message asking for consent to use somebody else work is fine, you don't need to pay if they don't want you too but at the end of the day sourcing images off the Internet and cropping them into your own material is simply pity theft; everyone is free to make their own opinion on the subject, as I certainly didn't see a point in supporting a developer who in my mind holding up a sign announcing to the world that they would rather put more effort into breathing rather than doing their job.

Sorry for the harsh words, but it really get's under my skin when I see stuff like this and in no way do I discourage you from doing what you enjoy, just keep in mind you'll gain more respect from the community (and I say this as a general term - not just limited to New Grounds) by producing your own content that original when it comes down to the creative aspect: compositions, both musical and artistic, are the main factors I prefer to look at for simulation games such as this due to the stimulus being visual and auditory.

So to wrap this up I will say narrow-mindedly that I hope you change your thought process on what people should pay for, be original and take a step forward to become a real developer.

Tenebrys responds:

Since my games are free to play, you don't pay for "stolen art" but for the early access and to support the development.

Since December I'm looking for a new concept, with customizable avatars and animations.
I agree with you that my games should be a lot better with this add.

This game is fun to play , Please don't let the negative reviews let you down it's just not their taste !

I love the Idea of Anime Images , specially the Gintoki Image as a Teacher :D

A lot of Anime characters in this game as student I love it !

Just a suggestion , please consider keep this game clean of +18 , add more stuff and actions to do , add events and If you want to make it more interesting you can just make romance involved in game not anything +18 , I already saw a game like this that has the same Idea with +18 and it was creepy , Just my thoughts though it's still your game , cheers !

Tenebrys responds:

Thank you!
The actual release is NSFW, sorry. But you have the choice to have NSFW events or not. I will add an option to play with a safe mode.

so boreing

Tenebrys responds:

Sorry that you disliked the alpha demo :(
I hope you will be better interested by beta NSFW release (and next releases)

Pretty good alpha. I like it so far. Keep it up.

Tenebrys responds:

thank you ^^