Reviews for "OverSexEd demo SFW"


Tenebrys responds:

not yet my friend... but soon it will ^^

This is pretty bad...
Are you sure your diplomas are legitimate, or did you just not try?
The game in itself offers very little exclusive content, as all images can easily be found with a quick Google search. The music is not very befitting, and does little in establishing a school or work atmosphere. Some lines of dialogue remain untranslated, and the game doesn't even save data. This doesn't just apply to this 'game' - all other titles on this account share the same negative attributes that make them all so sub-par.
My advice would be to stick to text based games, until you have an artist to work with. At least that way, things will be more original.

Tenebrys responds:

This is a demo, an alpha version.
images comes from Google. Only a few people dislike that so this is not really a problem.
I'm not an artist and no artist would work for free (I don't have enough money for live so I can't pay for artwork)
if you have find untranslated lines, tell me in details please. All the game should be translated.
the data will be saved in a later version, it is planed.
Sorry if you dislike my games, I'm doing my best. Flaming me is not helpful: constructive critique and bugs reports are much more appreciated.

how many days till action?

Tenebrys responds:

the game end at day 69

many of you are telling me it is too much, I may change it for much less in next releases.

I had problems finding the "Fondle Student" button. Kidding. Good game, needs a more to do after you get scores up to 100 but other than that, a well made game.

Tenebrys responds:

thank you !
Don't worry, you will fondle a lot in the next releases :D
for example I plan to change the way to move in the city. You will need to choose to walk, to take the taxi, the metro, ... (with shopping new items: a bike, a car, ...) And you know what ? metro is a nice place for groping ;)

Whats the point of suspicion.

Tenebrys responds:

When someone see you doing an abnormal action, the suspicion raise. When the bar is full you are arrested by the police.
In the demo it is not used much but it will be very important in the next releases :D