Reviews for "oO"

first thought: cool after thought: this is a bull fucking shit rage machin

I really enjoyed how easy it was to jump into, I never felt like I didn't have enough information (then again, it was only one button). I'm impressed at the mechanics you got out of one button and two moves, but ultimately this game is an unsatisfying reflex test and waiting game. It's forgiving with it's timing, but it's still annoying and not much but a time waster.
I only played two and a half levels.

First I was perplexed, because the 'instructions' (and I use the term very loosely) were extremely unclear. After pressing the mouse button experimentally and dying half a dozen times, I realized you had to click where the circles touched. So, once I got that, it became trivially easy--I thought, this is it? A game about clicking where circles touch? Then I got to some spikes, and I have no idea how to pass them. But I've already wasted enough time on this stupid game.

Plug-in not supported

No save game, brotha? Are ya serious? I refresh da page and everything from the beginning after I got crazy with going further? Ya shalla fawking kidding me, duda! And another problem: is there an end? I don't see any.
However half star for the nice music atmosphere, brotha. Good job!

targaciej responds:

Save should work on every checkpoint :)