Reviews for "oO"

This is a cool, unique and fun Flash game!

Is an AMAZING game. Well made, no bugs, and only one spot that is pretty much impossible. Deep in the green level there is a super fast moving blue spike that there is absolutely no way to know how many times to delay, or around which circle to delay in order to have that *perfect* instant of timing.

This game gives me the feeling of far in the future network hacking XD.

Imaginative, interesting, and to my knowledge, original. Really determines a persons reaction time.

Interisting, Funny, and Frustating, Only very patient person would like this game, but i will vote 4, Because The frustation is not good, i think its because Some levels are really Long, i see some 3D Graphics, interisting, even i see sometime a "Mickey Mouse" Form in one Level, It Was Easter Egg Right? Take 4 Stars from me :)

I like it, it's pretty cool, especially having to roll around circles, going in and out to avoid spikes, and I love the part where everything is wobbly o.O get it?