Reviews for "oO"

This is great! Love the concept and perfect execution.

almost died... forgot to breathe... this was kinda intense!
very cool and simple concept! perfect!

This is a cool, unique and fun Flash game!

This is a great concept for a game, all of the weird effects that you can put into so many levels plus the music that never gets old makes for an amazing game that you could play for hours! I do wish that there were more levels, and some sort of item that could give some sort of special effect. Go try adding in some bonus courses or some secret paths that can get you through the level that are insanely tough. or allow you to get some sort of special item that could alter the ball or the course in some way. It would also be cool if you could make the game make randomly generated courses. I know it isn't as easy as hell to make randomly generated courses, and items and other stuff like that. You should look at the way that the newest Spelunky was developed and try putting some of those ideas into that game, there was a bonus segment on indie game and the movie that showed how the random generation works. This game is a great game, but it would be better with just more stuff, not just the same concept milked to the core.

I like the concept of this. Pretty unique for me. This is fun yet confusing. Keep making games :)

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