Reviews for "oO"

This is amazing. I love the adventure feel of it and the game-play is simple yet progressively gets difficult. One word to describe it...Great!

Love it, but I think it could be Even better if it could be synced to the music so it would have a little more of a rhythm based vibe.

Simple, easy to play, and slightly frustrating. It is really great if you get into a pattern. great job.

It's simple and challenging. It's also frustrating, which I think could be fixed by making the levels a bit shorter. Although, frustraion can be fun when your playing with friends.

9/10 would buy if I had a phone

Interisting, Funny, and Frustating, Only very patient person would like this game, but i will vote 4, Because The frustation is not good, i think its because Some levels are really Long, i see some 3D Graphics, interisting, even i see sometime a "Mickey Mouse" Form in one Level, It Was Easter Egg Right? Take 4 Stars from me :)