Reviews for "SCP-087 Flash Game"

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Great parody. Comedy was done really well.

Three things urked me however.
1 - The music playing could have looped better, rather than quit for 0.5 seconds then start back up
2 - I would have preferred if you had made the flood code so that it stopped in the middle of each stair, to give a 3d feel
3 - When jumping in the opposite direction it clips to show her jumping in the right direction

otherwise a flawless comedy parody of some rather boring games. Really enjoyed it, can't wait to see how your work improves.

- Krutches

It takes about 5 seconds to walk down one flight of stairs.

There are 666 flights of stairs.

This game takes around an hour to finish.

This is comedy GOLD.

Game probably didn't take to much effort to make, but it's still fun.

stair 5: kinda boring
stair 10: going to drink tea
stair 20: still boring
stair 25: one more and im done
stair 26: MOM! MOOOOOM!!!