Reviews for "Nose Jobs"

Excelente juego Munguia siempre por casualidad te encuentro en todas las paginas jaja

Munguia responds:

Pura Vida ElFede,aquĆ­ Recetando hasta en la sopa, ja ja, buena nota

Very fun and amusing game! The nose puns aren't even all that bad :) It's a nice take on 'hit the correct arrow' game, and has just enough gaps in the action to enjoy the animation.

I was almost unable to find the next button amid the fire, but i finally did, great game man, i din't encounter any bugs on this one, congrats!

Munguia responds:

Thanks Doomroar, im glad you like it, :)

Great style!! Awesome soundtrack

The dubble arrows didn't give me a hard time. The WASD levels did though, but you can just press all off the keys at the same time.

Like someone said before me, the button in the fire was hard to find!

This game is dubstep!!
Or, it is even, Mouse on Mars.