Reviews for "Nose Jobs"

That was one very weird game. I guess I did in fact enjoy it. It was certainly unique. I appreciate how the graphics are pretty good. It's just, well, hard to make something that interesting about noses. It seemed like anything could be put in its place.

Oh well, noses are kind of funny. Yes, I liked how it was easy to get some medals. The music was pretty good too. I don't think there's a medal for getting it down perfectly. I wouldn't get that anyway.

The Background when its loading is SO Funny! Thx for an awsome game

I was almost unable to find the next button amid the fire, but i finally did, great game man, i din't encounter any bugs on this one, congrats!

Munguia responds:

Thanks Doomroar, im glad you like it, :)

I'm okay with the music but the double arrows need to be fixed

Munguia responds:

SuperBacon Pancake you are totally right, the double arrows sucks, now thereĀ“re no more double arrows, play again, this time press up and down at same time at level selector where the title is, it will open all levels.

The hilarious cutscenes and animated actions are just great. If it was only for drawings and animation, this would be an easy 5/5.
But as much as I hate to name the same bugged thing in your game as everyone else, the double arrow takes away all the fun. It feels completely luck based; combined with some lag, it makes the game unplayable.
Sorry for a low score for an otherwise sweet game.

Munguia responds:

yes, everybody is right about the double arrows, but i take em all out of the game, now just single arrows, Try again without play all previous levels by pressing up and down at same time at Level Selector to open all rooms