Reviews for "Nose Jobs"

This game is awesome, I loved it. It was an easy but very nice and cool. Actually, one of the weirdest game I ever played

It's definitely pretty unique as your games tend to be. It wasn't particularly fun though. There was no challenge. Artistic? Sure. A game? Not much of one.

Also I know I can't be the only one who thinks that nose looks rather ... well it looks like something else that's definitely not a nose let's just say.

I press play and its just a black screen with music.

Great style!! Awesome soundtrack

The dubble arrows didn't give me a hard time. The WASD levels did though, but you can just press all off the keys at the same time.

Like someone said before me, the button in the fire was hard to find!

Another awesome game, and the humor was so great especially as just visual gags. My only lament is not catching all the jokes while I was playing the game itself, but it was simple to learn and enjoyable to play. I love your art style, so keep up the good work!