Reviews for "Shave Time!"

Amazingly fun!
Though sometimes I get little chunks of floating hair (in mid air I mean) but only when I'm not doing very well.

I am not into skill games, but this is a fucking fun and unique games. I think you could probably make it it levels and stuff, which I would recommend you doing. I love the fact that you can choose to have timed trials or just take it slow with the regular mode. I find myself coming back to this game every now and then, which is a good sign, good job!

fuck this awesome game, still at a '0'!!!

so much fun lol

great game! I just ranked 7th place on the all time score board with 20 hair cuts hair cuts in 1:30. If I cut peoples hair that fast in real life they would be dead.

I would suggest that when the time is up that it automatically submits the last customer whether your done with him or not. also it seems like luck plays a big part because some hair cuts are much harder then others, to make it fair, make all hair cuts the same difficulty or make a rigid playlist of haircuts so every one has the same one.

Fun! Challenging, and fun at the same time (speedy mode)