Reviews for "Shave Time!"

i love it!

Its ok but theres very few tools and when i mean to cut this one place only then i end up accidentally cutting up this other small place which leads me to not get a 100 and you really need to add the ears in the pictures or else some people (such as me) cannot follow the picture directly

I am not into skill games, but this is a fucking fun and unique games. I think you could probably make it it levels and stuff, which I would recommend you doing. I love the fact that you can choose to have timed trials or just take it slow with the regular mode. I find myself coming back to this game every now and then, which is a good sign, good job!

This game needs an undo button!

It's fun, but the grading is too harsh for the lack of precision of the tools. The brush works great, but the razor and the cream work erratically. It's difficult to cut a small bit of hair around the ear when it shouldn't be, not with a razor. Maybe a zoom option or a high-contrast view for seeing details would help.

Giving the punk guy a hogan was waaay harder than it should have been. If it was a tricky style then you would expect it to be hard. But cutting a straight line with a straight razor should be straightforward.

But it was a fun concept and everything else was spot-on. Bring on the sequel!