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Reviews for "The Deepest Sleep"

i really liked it the part whit the worm was legitly scary it was good to have a real scare becose mostly the scares are jump scares but that part was actually scary and what a twist at the end

I really enjoyed this part, my heart beated like hell because i was afraid what will happen next. Even though its a great game i feel like there are missing some .. 'Jumpscares' like in "Deep Sleep".
Your creativity is awesome, the art, the way to play it, the story and the genre. I beg you PLEASE keep making more games like these.
(Made by a 17years old gamer) Sincerly : PacMate

thats was cool, i loved the monsters and the shadow people. you should make more horror games

Wonderful game series! With just the perfect balance between puzzles and horror. Thank you so much for making this! (/.U.)/ I also loved the fact that you had a few easter eggs relating to youtubers. Amazing work!

Not expecting the alternative ending.