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Reviews for "The Deepest Sleep"


One of the "Top 100 Flash Games Of All Time"

Probably the worst of the trilogy in a gameplay standpoint, but this is still a fantastic game! Perfectly concludes the Deep Sleep trilogy with an outstanding twist, completely changing the player's perspective about the Shadow People, and offering a moral choice at the end. That one puzzle with the wasps and gems was very tense, and what happens when you wind the music box is creepy! Perfect conclusion for the best horror trilogy ever!

(SPOILER)Also a little detail that I've noticed is you don't have a flashlight in your inventory in this game, unlike in the previous games. The circle of brightness is probably created by the protagonist's eyes, as he is one of the Shadow People!

Finally I've finished all three! Amazing trilogi games.

Honestly... While i understand this is mostly to conclude the story, the game just... didn't hold up compared to the first two games. One thing it desperately needed was atmosphere. while the other two had me constantly afraid, this game felt just like any other point and click. The puzzles where... alright? And while the game had the usual Scriptwelder polish, it doesn't feel 'new'. This may be due to the fact that very little in the game was new, literately that is, i'm talking about assets here... A lot of assets are reused from the last two and even some textures from Don't Escape.

With all that said, putting the other two games aside, does it hold up as a standalone title?
I think it does but only by polish and appearance. It is simply too short to be anything other than good, i'm afraid. And speaking of being afraid... I just wasn't, the scares had no buildup, so they naturally didn't work.

So is it worth playing? Yes, very much so. As a the final part in one of my Favorited flash game series, it is definitely still worth playing. Though underwhelming, Deepest Sleep still left me with a positive experience so i can't complain too much.

Consensus? Would recommend.