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Reviews for "The Deepest Sleep"

It was a great series but i found this one a it short and easy, i even played it twice to get the award but i just didn't feel it was the best end possible, but it was a great 3 games so i don't really care if it was short.

Dat ending :)

here goes.

Ive been voracious for this one i loved the first two it tells a creepy story but i have to admit this one was the easiest and frankly the shortest in the series. i'm sad to see it end. but you did end it well i just wish for all the time i can only assume you spent on this it would have been harder. the hardest part was the stone puzzle. this series after playing all three decidedly hit its stride in the second game.

Its one of the better play along games like this ive played the only one coming close is the first two exmortis games the third was a sell out for money and added things like combat to the game and ruined it. so kudos on a strong story finish if not a seemingly half hearted game finish. i gotta give you 5's because all in all you told an amazing story. consider doing more like this please.

Great ending

Woohoo! The Final Part! I haven't played yet but I bet I won't be able to sleep tonight!

Thats a giant butthole or what ?