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Reviews for "The Deepest Sleep"

You were one of them the whole time. Sorry did I ruin it for you?

The slow movement mechanic is the most nerve-wracking thing I've had to deal with in a horror game in quite some time. The first time it got me I didn't even know what I'd done wrong, nice way to spring it on the player.

AMAZING! Defined must play horror flash game!
Got jump scare at the very beginning haha!

Here you are at the deepest place, a sinister creature looms below here. A great decision to move on, what must you choose?

I found this a great game and one to end the series. Though the quickest of the three (I had the choice to "continue" to get the other ending but decided to hit "New Game" just to see it all again before making my new path like the second game only easier than I thought).

The movie-like music at the start, creepy atmosphere, don't let it draw you in too much! You don't want to get taken by . . . them.

Though short great final game for the trilogy.

This game is the masterpiece of pixelgames horor genre. I played all of the authors games and each one is a masterpiece by itself. Also, I hope I'm not the only one that sees a little resembelance of the Penumbra series. Please make more games because we need them and best of luck scriptwelder. :)