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Reviews for "The Deepest Sleep"

i just finish 1,2 this the final!!!
love the game

I swear I get geek bumps every time I escape the final bottom feeder only to reverse the scenario in game 1 in which a shadow person and traveller meet face to face because of how awesome the turn of events is.

The music associated with being the chase victim in either scenario is really cool too. But the best part of this game, as with all others in this trilogy is that unlike almost all other horror producers, you, scriptwelder, knew exactly how to capture the true spirit of fear and maintain a fine balance of it every step of the way and still win favor for your trademark 8-bit graphics.

wow... so I am Cody trying to possess who's body?
And is part3 connected with part1 place?

Good job you scared the Flippin crap out of me in the beginning 10/10 also great game

The last of this trilogy is pretty good but unlike the others, the path is just plain straight-forward rather than a "find the path" sort of way. Also, I like the fork you've created between the end endings, on whether you choose to be a monster or not. That's pretty clever. However, I wish that there was a sequel to this series that further explores the dreamscape and what lies within along with explaining what has become of the Shadow Person possessing the protagonist's original body. That would make for a pleasant continuation of this story.

Also, one thing confuses me though. If the protagonist was a Shadow Person the whole time, why is he/she suffocate from the darkness of the Dark Temple? Does this mean that Shadow People are vulnerable to BOTH light and darkness?