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Reviews for "The Deepest Sleep"

Walkthrough with both endings: https://youtu.be/EdouhPiU3ms

I like when I find references: the Sidereal Plexus Corp, that appears in the sewer gate lock system instructions, is the same mentioned in Don't Escape 3, when, in one of the multiples endings, it says that the ship is transported to a top secret research facility called Sidereal Plexus One.
Of course Bert the clown, appeared in a poster in Deeper Sleep.
Also I found meat, a dried herb and a broom of Don't Escape 1, even if they're not intended to be a reference, but I recognized he used the same sprites.
Despite Part 2 will remain my favourite of the Trilogy, The Deepest Dream is a good conclusion of these little pixelous masterpieces. Good work!

I loved these games! the ending was garbage, but still a great series!

10 play through's in, I'm able to take the dudes body when ever I want because I know it's mine, I love how these games are just one large circle and the shadow person from the first game who chases you in the hotel is the main protagonist

This Game Is amazing!!!