Reviews for "HORDE"

nice animation. I really hate when people like neferhet and romeomustdie comment on people work, because all they do is make lame brain criticism and they have not submitted an animation of their own or do they understand art as a concept. I mean what if the artist did not want the "the skull-ram to moves smoothly". the animation is a wonderful piece and the time spent was not meaningless because i saw the concept and it is well done.

Well put together little piece there.

The animation style was fascinating. Can't remember seeing a technique quite like it before.
The music also went well with the action. The synths gave it kind an ominous 1980s vibe.

Now he's one of the HORDE, same as a zombie apocalypse, unbelievably awesome.

This was a cool video was an unexpected ending. Great job.

Okay, I seriously think this may be the best animation I have ever seen on this website. I think it's because I have no clue how you even did it! It looks like some kind of stop motion combined with flash. I am amazed that this is your first submission! Dude, if you make more stuff like this, you will become the best person on this freaking website! I loved every second!

The music was fantastic as well. Everything just moves so wonderfully together! I still have no idea what's even going on in this. I don't care, because it's freaking awesome! Every bit of animation look like it took years to make. You are a master of artwork, my friend!