Reviews for "Fire Everywhere"


Yay! You got a good concept right there... Liked the thing you get hurt by the electric gate when you keep watering it..
but you culd put some sort of menu and song by the way...

Quite an interesting idea particularly the water jetpack concept!

But hard to control, and the cardinal sin of platformers, requires pixel perfect jumping and landing on slippery surfaces.

The lack of plot/music/graphics doesn't help but it's that lack of and need for precise control which really grates.

After playing for some time there was that one level.. totaly empty.. all I could do is press R to reset it but it still was empty. I also would have to start over again as the game does not store my progress. I can always just select level 1.
So for this you loose rating for sure, but on the other side it was fun. Maybe you should adjust the clipping of the spikes. It is terrible to hit something that is clearly too far away to be hit.

Galdon responds:

I found the level that you are talking about, and fixed the problem. One of the levels was pointing to the template room rather than the next level.

interestingly fun fireman game, would recommend having background music and toning down the water sounds. Also, perhaps reflect the medals on completing levels as i received all three medals only six levels in. Liked the jetpack idea, good work!