Reviews for "Nekra Psaria"

Creative :D

This was surprisingly fun. The puzzles were simple to figure out, but not necessarily easy to complete, so they're pretty satisfying. There are some amusing moments, too, and frankly the ending was kind of funny. Mostly because Johnny boy continues to sit there, completely unfazed by what's happening.

Quick and fun game. I beat it within an hour though the roach with the club holding the robot head was difficult to figure out.

Love the creepy art style(though sometimes it makes you wonder what something is sometimes). This is the first point-and click I've played where you can reuse items besides the crowbar, which is pretty good! There were also some pretty amusing moments, such as when C.B. helps out! Can't wait to try out the other games of yours!

This is weird as Hell but it does well with the atmosphere of the game. Nice job!