Reviews for "Nekra Psaria"

Little short, but nice game!

Great atmosphere. Overall..loved it. Not enough actual puzzles though.

Finally, a puzzle game that I can do without needing a walkthrough... The art style gives me a sense of joy that I cannot describe, and it is reassuring to see that the idea of "strange" and "creepy" are alive and well in other people's minds. Whatever you do, promise me that you'll return to this world that you have created and restore all of the weirdness that may have left your mind in the meantime...

Weird but nice well made art work, game wasn't bad either.

Loved it! Everything was perfect! The ambient background music to the challenging game play, I loved it. What really sold me was the artwork. The creator managed to successfully hybridize Dr. Seuss and Tim Burton into his own caliginous manifestation, and it worked beautifully! Can't wait to play future installments because this game is as close to perfect as I can find! Excellent job, please keep up the amazing work!