Reviews for "Beat Battle VS CrAz3 ~187~"

~187~ is attackin n attackin HARD!!!

Thanks for your vote, Lil-Saynt! You voted 5 for Beat Battle VS CrAz3 ~187~, raising its score from 4.50 to 4.67.

Dawg dis song is intense!! Very Intense!!! all i feel frm dis is agressiveness n HardHittin!! lets see if CrAz3 can respond back to dis! other den dat u got my Vote n my support nigga!! keep it comin bruh! dis is tight!!! CrAz3 aint got nuthin on u!!!!!

b ezy

It's Over

All I need is two words for dis one man. Its over. Craze man.. you aint even got put a beat out... its over.. NDP just put it down. On da real.

Yo mane...dis wuz sum of da illest shit i eva herd

mane..keep comin up with mo shit like dis cuz i like all da gun shotz in da back ground like dat mane.....shhhiiiiit....keep comin up with mo of dis type of shit

F***ing GREAT!

Yo BeAtBrEaKa, thanx for tellin' me this track! It was the first one I heard by you and it's seriously the most baddest assed gangsta whateva I ever heard on this site! The best thing by you for sure!

BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

naw man, the clarity sukz on this lol, thanks man


This is the hardest beat ever.

No lie, if this shit was used in a professional diss, the guy with this beat would fuckin win, no doubt.