Reviews for "Spiderman in the Kawaii W"

Hahah, nailed it!

Spot on

Still was very original I really liked the idea of spiderman going into the anime world.
It would been better if it was longer looking foward for more episodes.

Haha, I think the best joke was the fat nerd watching a "Pony" tv. Very clever.
Other than that... I'll say what everyone else has said with slightly more detail. The animation is good, but the jokes are lackluster.
They're jokes that everyone's heard before, really. The same observations everyone's made about anime's. However, I think my biggest problem with them isn't that they were predictable, but that they had nothing to do with Spider-Man. You could have had any character in those situations and made the same jokes. My advice is to incorporate your parody character's personality and story a little more in your jokes. There were some pretty good Uncle Ben jokes you definitely could've capitalized on. (Although, since Uncle Ben jokes are Spidey's most abused jokes, try to only use one.)

I liked the animation quality. I only laughed at pokemon and dbz. The rest were meh. Maybe it was too long for my attention span.