Reviews for "Madness E.M. - Part FINAL"

well, this is MUCH better than the first 2 parts of the series.
this movie has more things in it, more story, more length, and a more swift and fast shooting sequence.
it is still a tad short for an action movie, but still it is good.
much better than the previous 2.

keep it up, and do your next movies like this one, and maybe a bit bigger as well!

vh222 responds:

is because before I was in a hurry (because I had to get out of the house) and it was better because I did not have to leave home and not be in a hurry

Well,you might have good ideas but you need to improve your animating skills.And so do I.

vh222 responds:

ok , thanks

Bom,mas precisa ficar smooth e ter som.
Se tivesse som,fosse smooth eu te dava 6.5 estrelas,se pudesse.

Bom, bom, porem, ainda nao tem os sons, mas, valeu por me colocar na animacao, se ficasse um pouco mais smooth e com sons, eu dava 5 estrelas.
Procure no youtube como colocar sons no flash 8, e a parada do smooth e com bastante tempo animando e com muita dedicacao, ai voce consgue sua animacao suave.
Espero que voce fique com a animacao um dia como o Krinkels :)

vh222 responds:

ok , ainda estou procurando como botar sons

Make it longer, and fix the mouths