Reviews for "Expendables 3: TD"

More levels please

LOVED it its hard without being impossible great graphics without the massive lag tons of enemy's give it is kind of short but the endless war part at the end makes up for that pretty well

May the Gods of Gaming bless you ! This has got to be one of the best games i played on here . Its so funny and it keeps you on your toes . I found myself yelling at the screen with ever new mission . I love the voices , the lines are hilarious . I do wish the game was longer with more levels but I pray they make a Expendables 4 just so i can have another game . * claps * let's give Ricepirate a round of applause for the outstanding and comical voices and a standing ovation to soapcreative for another work of art . The graphics are like fireworks in July . AMAZING. So instead of reading this WHY ARE YOU NOT PLAYING THIS GAME . LIKE RIGHT NOW . NOT 3 MINUTES LATER , NOT A SECOND LATER . PLAY THIS GAME RIGHT NOW GO AHEAD CLICK " LET'S DO THIS " AND BE A MAN ! :) I might just go see the movie now :)

hah nice love all the movies and love all the games

Hmm.... Good very good :D