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Reviews for "Clicker Heroes"

Well, I wouldn't call you a rock either, woman!

Amazing game! I could stop playing, extremely addicting and very fun.

This game is a masterfully designed time trap. Which is something that is worthy of respect on its own, but not enough to produce interesting and meaningful experience. This game's three main forms of progression - level progression, characters progression and achievements - are totally quantitative: monsters on each new level are just bigger sacks with gold and HP, characters only differ in how much damage per second they induce (which makes low level heroes with no special abilities useless pretty quick), and achievements does not motivate you to experience some new ways of playing the game - basically, because there is only one way you can play it, so they are just marks on a straightforward pathway that leads into infinity of pointless repetition. Nice graphics and lovingly designed animations go down the drain, since the only way these curiously designed monsters differ is their HP and loot size. Same goes for the characters.
Overall, this game exhausted me as much as it has made me addicted. I think that variety - even in a clicker game could and should bring more meaning and broaden not only quantitative, but also qualitative dimensions of the game's space.

This game is insanely addictive. If you like games that take some time to wrap, and don't mind waiting to make that happen, get into this one! I'm at 100 days and still haven't unlocked every character, let alone the achievements. Plus, nice balance of upgrading and damage checking to make sure your time is being spent efficiently. However, Playsaurus and co, i'm begging you to change the 'bonus cookies' back to the original sprites from the holiday ones- the majority of them are very hard to see on most levels, unlike the sandwich and cookies, etc from before! Thanks for the great three months and counting!

name is clicker heroes you only click for firts 5 mins good game anyway 3/3