Reviews for "Urban Survival Escape 4"

Hrm. I'm all for eating Vicky.

If she was so hungry why couldn't I grill up a fish? Got home with her and then remembered health needs to be full, had to go all through town to open cupboard to get health. I'm an idiot! (anyone know why cupboard is spelled with a 'p'? I'd bad grammer that one in a hearbeat. lol
Aslo I don't like that fact she did nothing, had a great room in town and she had to come to my shack and take my bed. I'd give her the sleeping back and tell her to make her own sleeping pallet.
Great game and I can't wait to head over to the next one.
Onward and escapeward,
Your Game Stalker

ive been loving all ur games up

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks so much!

Good job! Although I don't see why your cousin can't help you do things- like move her mattress, or carry her own darn blankets. I'm hoping we'll see some cooperative use of her in the next installment. And if she was hungry, shouldn't I have fed her? Nobody is a worse roommate than a hungry roommate.

Very good. Some flaws here and there but the only odd one was picking up what appeared to be a wallet near the trash bin after you solve the code box and it doesn't appear in inventory...?