Reviews for "Nova the Astronaut"

Fun game! Always love playing your games. Puzzles were pretty easy and straight forward.

Did it ! Without walktrrouht. However, I never figured out the logical of the pink digit on the green-pink-blue code. I found the code by trying every numbers from 1 to 9. And the text codes are case sensitive. Is it on purpose ? It seamed a little useless to me.

JackAstral responds:

Awesome! Yeah people seem to be having a little bit of a hard time with that puzzle, ahaha. I think I need to make it a little more obvious,

Thanks for playing + reviewing!

Good Game For Me And 8 Years Children :) 4 Stars!

JackAstral responds:


good game overall! a little short kinda challenging!
either i don't know what the last screen is or the token isn't there its a little frustrating since i'm a compleationist

That box rocket really was super well-hidden here! Not a bad game, though some things seem a bit unnecessarily difficult to find, like how you have to click a specific patch on the ground to jump over the fence, and type all codes in UPPERCASE, etc. All in all though not a bad adventure.