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Reviews for "Idle Dialectics"

The upgrades get a bit few and far between around the billion dollar mark. The fact that you have to upgrade 9 items simultaneously to have much chance against any random opponent really hurts, too. Then there's the really odd "buying one thing makes everything more expensive" bit. I'm guessing this is all length padding, but it gets a little weird that I can leave my character arguing with, say, Dick Lotto for an hour, win 75% of the matches, and not be able to upgrade anything after that. And it's not that I've been ignoring autoclick or money upgrades either.

On the other hand, the story's exactly as much as you need for an idle game, and the art's perfect. The music fits in well and, for when a loop inevitably gets irritating, the mute buttons are nicely obvious.

kikill responds:

Thanks for playing and for the balanced feedback stuff123321! I just need to say that "buying one thing makes everything more expensive" was not motivated by length padding (we could have easily doubled the enemies list) but by a desire to keep each new match challenging/thrilling. In this game we tried to add some strategic thinking to your usual idle game and the above is one of the consequences - so you need to find which combination of upgrades is optimal, and if you find them (there are several) your progress should be more or less constant. We provided a reset button to allow for experimentation without penalizing the players. Give it another shot, have a great day!

I realy love idle games but that one is carp cuz of the fire water earth circle -.-

This is a decent game but I don't get the controls and the objective clearly. It just seems like random clicking. Okay job overall.

kikill responds:

Thank you BlackKitsune42. I am not sure if you are a fan of idle and clicker games but this is one of them. Essentially, a bare bones rpg where character development is the hook. We tried to add some strategy elements in this game though. The objective is simply to be the best debater ever. So you debate your way from the bottom to the top. To get there though you have to upgrade various attributes and be wise about how you use your resources to find a path, or better yet, an optimal path. Have a great day!

Was really disappointed with this game. I thought it was going to be using logic puzzles or premade quotes or something, instead I just get another boring clicker game.

Doesn't let me upgrade knowledge even though I have the exp and am below the cap. Most likely you made button visible but not clickable after tutorial. Shaky communication of objective and mechanics.

kikill responds:

Thanks for the feedback hotjesselyntea! This issue is now taken cared of. Cheers!