Reviews for "Roof Dash"

It's just like that one game that I like! Except harder. It's still pretty good though.

ok not bad but 1st some of the spans are to wide to jump and since you don't start off with a jet pack its kinda hard sometimes, 2nd when what's the point of respawning if you respawn me at the center of the gap so I still fall and die? some of the obsticals at the end of the buildings make it impossible to actually reach the otherside. you have to be lucky enough to get a decent random map. it looks fun but has to many problems.

Very hard. but still fun :)

That was quite entertaining.
The music wasn't annyoing; rather soothing, and fits well to the gameplay.
I especially like the respawn system, along with using the mouse for it.
Also, implementing a highscore system makes playing a lot more interesting. Good work.