Reviews for "Roof Dash"

I'm sorry but the game is unplayable. Every few buildings there are impossible obstacles which make jumping building-to-building impossible.
I also couldn't give any points because of the concept which is not original at all and also it looks like not much effort was put into it.

It's not horrible, I suppose, but frankly I've seen this kind of game done multiple times before, and mostly it was much better. Like others have mentioned before, the obstacles are impossible(or close enough) too often(obviously it's going to happen in a randomly generated game at least occasionally, but it shouldn't happen all the time, at least) and extra lives, as implemented, are kind of pointless since most of the time you'll instantly die again.

Good game! Simple and addictive but needs some developing.

The graphics/scrolling and game play is smooth.

The background track is good and keeps you pumped.

This game is quite challenging, trying to hit that high score becomes addictive.

There are no massive issues apart from having to mouse click to respawn (which doesn't help when you have to get back on the keyboard sharpish) so maybe tap space for respawn? Also with respawning, sometimes it will spawn you into daft places like the middle of a gap being a bit irritating!

Also, maybe add a bit of direction or jump strength? sometimes an obstacle is really impossible to clear. It'd be nice to jump onto the obstacle with skill then make a large jump, rather than jumping the obstacle on full and plummeting!

Addictive and fun despite those issues!

Thanks author!

This game is great! Sometimes the most simple games are the most appealing, and although that can be hard to pull off, you definitely accomplished that.

The game is fun and quite addictive. The soundtrack is calming and overall i like the game. Hope this game gets more fame! Good Job dude.