Reviews for "Cave Master Wiskers"

Game was kind of boring for me, seem to lack any real impact when you leveled up (no change in character, equipment, ect), so I did what I do to any game I find boring, set the variables to stupid high and see what happens.
I found that there is a bug with the miner attacking the mimic, he seems to only apply the damage to the mimic after he gets hit.

Cool idea but not enough features to be a full flash game. I look forward to the "Advanced version" though! Perhaps different kinds of mimics and visual changes to your character as you upgrade would help?

its got a ways to go. i suggest playing some idle games and figuring out what's fun about them. the scaling is way off, and you get no where fast.

level the clicker to 10 go to level 1 farm boss walk away

It entertained me for a while, especially since I'm working on an assignment so it was good as a idle game, but after a while the idle mode is too weak and there's no point leaving it running in the background because when I come back nothing's really changed. Then I think "Well if there's no point leaving it on, I may as well turn it off". End of game for me. As people have said: make the speed upgrade faster, maybe add a few more features (who were the other people on the intro page for example, get them digging too). Good game for a while though.