Reviews for "Cave Master Wiskers"

Please make an advanced version! I love this--love the graphics and the concept. It would be nice if speed played a part in mining; it gets frustrating waiting for Wiskers to raise his arm (especially after beating a monster--seems to lag a little more). Would love to see this with eq and items to buy and maybe helpers (either smaller cats or maybe characters from your other games--if you added story to it you could have reasons for them showing up on different levels--maybe even be temporary companions while Wiskers is going the same way they are. Oh, the possibilities are endless!

It's similary to the guy with the bean that he need something like 1m to destroy the magic beans
good game =]

the only thing that I noticed that was a issue was the cave mimics would go down to 0 health and still explode even if you and the cat clicked and sliced him to bits

This is a great idle game with lots of potential. You should make a more advanced version. People might be complaining now, but there will always be people who complain about anything little thing the can find no matter how significant it is.

So when it's health gets to 0, he just sweats it over and smiles and gets full health again.... I just let himself get killed just to see what happens.
So he doesn't even need 7 lifes, what kind of cat is this this? Why does he needs health at all?

Watching a bunch of rocks changing over time is dull... And it seems the only thing that makes them change faster is increasing the "click power". I dunno why I kept digging until level 20 just to find black simple rocks...

No music, just click and error sounds, and the same background all the time makes the game pretty boring, specially for an idle game that requires you to click constantly to achieve something (so it's not that idle mmm?).

1/5 for the cat design.