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Reviews for "OddBalls Pilot"

Looks like that girl's the female Charles Xavier. Work on the animation, tough, and great storyline.

first of all, congrats on getting daily feature! you guys deserved it. its a great idea taking a twist of having paranormal characters in a school full of normal people. i like those shows where characters record themselves, im not sure why i do but i like it for some reason, from an animation point of view, it could be alot better.
you have potential to become much better where it comes to animating the characters walking. typically animating with vectors seem it would take a bit longer than brush if youre using flash to animate. maybe, just maybe, you can have someone to help with you animate or maybe even get a real cheap camera to you can record yourself moving around like how you want your characters to move around might help.
ive known a few people who started doing that if they needed help knowing how to animate characters, great luck futurewise and please dont let others in reviews let you down, always focus on the reviews which helps you in the process of making better episodes in this series and your motivation. i really liked the story and the voice acting, but there are parts which could be better.
hopefully you dont take this the wrong way and think this is out of spite that i think its not the best it could be , trust me thats the last thing i want out of your team here, have great luck guys

pretty nice audio isnt too good though

This isn't too bad. Ending was unexpected. I thought "why ground her?"

Heh, it was Cindy.

But yeah, things like this make me wonder why they don't use their power in a different way. Like Cindy, she can just take over someone important and change the world.

What if she took over Obama's body?

nice try but i want more messed up stuff and frankly this reminds me of the quality of stuff i watched on here when pico first showed up. what was that 15 16 years ago.