Reviews for "Block Squad (mp Fps Beta)"

Enjoyed this game a lot, addictive MP fun.

I've played the training (which was fit for purpose) and over 2 multi-player maps. One that seemed to be open free for all (death match) and one based on Omaha/Charlie (old school dod ;)) that was team based. I always have enjoyed CTF (Cap the flag) and TDM (Team death match) far more than just ordinary deathmatch.

Multi-player works without a hitch, chat works and it isn't incredibly hard. My ping (over a VPN) was good and I did connect to games (like I said) without a problem.

The weapon selection is good (Over 5 variations) and you can go to iron sights, however like the author say it is an open beta thus a bit buggy and sometimes going to iron sights or idling with a weapon (not shooting the weapon) seems to bug the graphics. Also the GUI does seem a little bit cut off, but I have had this before with unity player.

That is about all the major problems I have encountered up until now.

The weapons are varied to all situations, SMG is brilliant at short range but will not hit anything at far distance. The sniper rifle is very good at long distance but however takes a long time to reload and you do need an accurate shot. The RPG is pure fun and I haven't yet tried to rocket jump, but running round psychotically with a rocket launcher is fun nonetheless.

The game does need somewhere

Very nice game otherwise but definitely would loved to see this fully polished and developed.

Simple things like creating a menu for game modes, possibly customise the player skin (especially for DM?) customising the controls. Possibly adding medals?

Anyhow, very playable up until now!

Thanks author! 3.5/5 till now, 5 when you finalise it!

some people don't understand this is a BETA its meaning is a capitol asset for a model model being the finished version please fix the chat and spawns.

This game has plenty of potential but needs some improvements.
First, there needs to be more spawn points to prevent constant spawn killing.
Second, weapons need to be selectable from start, due to scrolling through weapons being sluggish.
Or you can map the weapons to the number keys(1 for SMG, 2 for pistol, etc.).

What's currently here is still fun, and I hope it continues to improve with updates.

AidenStudios responds:

I'm actually implementing a class system now, which will allow you to choose what weapons you want to spawn with :)
Also, I'm looking into different ways of spawn protection, one way being spawn areas only enter-able by your team, and another way by having the player spawn invincible for a few seconds. Thanks for the rating!

Simple gameplay, not much choice on weapons, felt a little ripped off from mine craft in terms of character models. It was still fun to play for a while tho. Maybe a bit more on the level design and maybe don't make the level so long without having enough barricades for the other team. If you have never played a game called team buddies I suggest you check it out, it was a PS1 title and it's style of level design would really help this game out quite a bit, great attempt tho!

This is an amazing game but did you know you can download assets from sketchup3D and use them as models for you game, i use unity too and i have made a grand theft auto like game but i dont know how to upload it. message me if you wanna know some more unity secrets. BTW the game was extremely laggy fix that please.

AidenStudios responds:

Yes , actually most of the maps in the game are from sketchup. You need the pro edition. Just go to export and select 3d model. (and the lag might be your PC, try changing the video settigns.)