Reviews for "Trash Talk"

Okay, that was impossible. We saw him the green stuff and we know you're not supposed to. He didn't see Herman take it, so he couldn't have been purposely faking it. I still have to appreciate how good the animation is in this. While not as good as the pencilmation, still quite watchable. The voices are nice too.

I guess it is overall pretty funny. I was not expecting that at the end. I wasn't expecting it, because it didn't seem possible. Well, I guess it's just a cartoon. The title's kind of funny in a cheesy way.

This is really similar to spongebob and Ren and Stimpy. Lucky for you I love both of those shows :)

dude, totally boss. i could see this being on TV.

I love the watercolor look of the backgrounds.

Even though I saw it coming a mile away, it was still satisfactory.